When should I seek Sri Ramakrishna Pain Management & Research Institute?

You should seek us when:

  • Your pain has lasted for more than 3 months with no obvious cause.
  • Your condition is painful enough to interfere with your daily tasks.
  • You are feeling frustrated due to the constant ache.
  • You are unable to sleep.
  • You or your family member is suffering from chronic pain, and you would like to gain more information about the pain treatments available.

What can Sri Ramakrishna Pain Management Centre do for me?

Our multi-disciplinary services will:

  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of your discomfort
  • Suggest treatments for your painful condition which may involve
  • pain relief tablets and other therapies
  • Increase your personal functioning
  • Empower you to have the confidence to lead a better quality life
  • Learn new skills to cope with your pain

What can I expect during my first visit?

Your initial evaluation will involve getting a detailed history of your pain and physical examination. This will be followed by discussion of pain treatment options and an opportunity to answer your questions and clear away the doubts.

What course of treatment can I expect from the pain centre?

Typically, we discuss with you the best pain treatment options. These may include pain relief injections, pain relief medicines, physiotherapy, relaxation training, coping strategies, pain education programme, or even no further treatment. If we have an opening in the schedule, we may be able to schedule a pain relief injection on the same day of your initial consultation.

Why can’t I drive or eat if I’m scheduled for a procedure?

Some procedures require sedation that prevents you from eating or drinking safely. Also, some procedures may inhibit movement in parts of your body that would make it unsafe for you to drive. Since we cannot be sure how the treatment will affect you, we require you to follow instructions that will be provided.

Do these procedures hurt?

Pain is minimized with the use of local anaesthetic agents.

How long do the procedures take?

POur pain relief injections are considered Same Day or Out Patient procedures. The injections take from 15-45 minutes to perform. The spinal pump, spinal cord stimulator and peripheral nerve stimulator take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. The time spent in the recovery is about 30 min, and that includes a snack and a drink.

How long should I be off work?

Generally patients are off work for 1 to 2 days following a procedure. With complex procedures, patients could be off for 2-6 days depending on the procedure and the patient’s field of work.

How soon after a procedure will I start to feel relief?

With most procedures, you may begin to feel pain relief within a few days. The full effect, however, might take a couple of weeks to set in.

Become A Volunteer

Are you a recent retiree looking to use your time fruitfully, a professional looking to give back to the society, or a student who is interested in community service? If so, Sri Ramakrishna Pain Management and Research Institute is the place for you. We have opportunities that will utilize your special skills to their fullest. Our volunteers are a diverse and dedicated group of people, who have given the most important gift of all – their precious time. They play a vital role in meeting the non-medical needs of our patients.

For more information about becoming a volunteer at Sri Ramakrishna Pain Management and Research Institute, please call us today!


Sri Ramakrishna Pain Management and Research Institute welcomes physicians to apply for a limited number of Observerships available for a period of 4-8 weeks. These posts are available for Indian as well as International graduates. We can create an original, interactive programme customized to meet your precise requirements.


The Pain Fellowship is for a period of 12 months, with the option of a 4-6 week Observership in world-class institutions abroad organised by Sri Ramakrishna Pain Management and Research Institute. We welcome Indian applicants from various backgrounds including anaesthesia, rehabilitation medicine, neurology and neurosurgery.

The modular training is developed and delivered by expert faculty in partnership with other educational programs. The fellowship has been designed and developed at par with international standards by experts on the subject. The aim is to promote a fellowship in pain that is fit for recognition by national and international organisations.

There is an emphasis on hands-on-learning to ensure skills enhancement. Our resource centre, fully wireless, is equipped with access to high quality education material including online clinical information and access to medical journals, guidelines etc.

Application requirements for Fellowship

  • Curriculum vitae
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Copy of professional degrees and valid medical council registration
  • References from your University/College Professor
  • Membership of learned societies (Indian Society of
  • Anaesthesiologists or Indian Society for Study of Pain)

International Graduates

  • You will require a temporary registration with the Medical Council of India. The process can be facilitated by our office
  • Please note that English is the taught language
  • The responsibility for passport, visa and travel will rest with the applicant
  • A copy of visa and passport should be submitted to the office prior to commencing training


A nominal fee will be required to be paid by the Observers and the Fellows to cover administrative costs and associated expenses. Conference allowance, indemnity insurance, health cover and generous leave entitlements will match healthcare industry standard. These benefits, however, are not eligible for Observers.


Accommodation at a subsidized cost is available for fellows/observers who are single. Married fellows/ observers can get in touch with our office, which can provide guidance for suitable options close to Sri Ramakrishna Pain Management and Research Institute. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide in-house accommodation.

For more information, please contact
Dr. Senthilkumar Raju M.D
In-charge for Pain Fellowship & Training, SRPMRI
Tel: 0422 4500000, Mob: 971 500 2222
Email: drraju_sk@yahoo.com

To facilitate processing, it is preferable to apply at least three months before the proposed date of start.

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