Pearl Box


Pearl Box (Muthu Thiral in Tamil) – our inter-disciplinary pain management programme is the first of its kind in South Asia. Nobody knows your pains as well as you do, not even the finest doctors in the world, because pain is an incredibly personal experience. It is your personal expertise in pain that will be the basis for Pearl Box. It will help us design a plan to manage your pain, which will be as unique as you are.

The emphasis on physical and psychological optimization, a core component of Pearl Box, can be traced at least as far back as Aristotle’s concept of eudaimonia – the theory that the goal of an individual life is to achieve happiness by fulfilling one’s potential. Pearl Box calls for as much focus on strength as on weakness, as much interest in building the best things in life as in repairing the worst, and as much concern with fulfilling the lives of otherwise healthy people as healing the wounds of the distressed.

Major Goals of Pearl Box:

  • To return you to productivity
  • To maximize your function, thus minimizing your pain
  • To reduce or minimize future medical expenses
  • To help you avoid dependence on medications
  • To help you avoid recurrence of injury
  • To help you maintain the treatment gains
  • To provide you with tools and strategies to self-manage your pain


Pearl Box emphasizes an active self-management approach, and you are encouraged to bring along a family member or a friend.

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