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Pain restrains. Pain binds. Pain is an impediment to enjoy the simplest pleasures of life. The very personal experience that it is, pain cannot be shared. But...it can be understood and reduced.

Isn’t it time to craft a new life sans pain?

At Atlas Pain Care, Coimbatore
  • We harness today’s exciting advance in medical sciences to deliver modern
and scientific pain management solutions
  • We enable long-suffering patients to reclaim their positive energy and make better use of their potential
  • We help you erase pain and embrace life!


With convergence of global best practices, we will endeavour to establish with success, India's most modern multi-disciplinary pain management centre. Fostering learning and growth is our reason for being. Through comprehensive academic and educational relationships with the best centres around the world, Atlas Pain Care will be a Centre of Excellence and an exemplary focal point for research, education and advocacy.


To relieve suffering, foster functional restoration
 and restore wellness with modern pain management principles and clinical excellence.
  • Clinical Service - serve as a pain management centre of excellence with a co-ordinated, multidisciplinary approach that enriches the quality of human life.
  • Education - provide comprehensive education and training in the field of pain medicine and develop future clinician leaders.
  •  Research - promote and pioneer research aimed at epidemiology of pain and novel pain management strategies.
  • Advocacy – espouse the right to timely and appropriate pain relief, and right of access to pain relieving medicines.

Fast Emergency Response Time 

Professional Staff & Specialists

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Individualized Personal Treatment


Our objective is to impart excellent clinical service, thus giving our patients that independence and comfort, with a restored quality of life.

Our policy

It is our policy that no treatments are started until every reasonable step has been taken to explore the underlying factors contributing to your pain. This means that in some instance you will need:

  • Additional diagnostic testing referrals (MRI, nerve conduction studies, etc)
  • Referral to our in-house allied-health team (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy). This presents a rare opportunity to achieve closely coordinated treatments with professionals who are used to working together
  • Multidisciplinary assessment, which takes upto three hours and involves appointments with a pain specialist, a psychologist, an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist. A multidisciplinary case conference is held on the same day with the aim of developing a comprehensive problem list and treatment recommendations. In the afternoon you will have a feedback session with a designated doctor. A detailed report is then generated summarizing our findings and recommendations and this is sent to you along with a copy to your referring doctor

meet our doctors

We help you erase pain and empower life


Director & Co-founder of Atlas paincare

Dr. Senthilkumar Raju

Director & Co-founder of Atlas paincare
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