Greatest pain relief with the fewest medications.

Think about this. People around the world take some 100 billion aspirin tablets every year. If you put them all in a line, it would be a million kilometres long. That’s to the moon and back.

Generally, our minds are conditioned to think that, when pain occurs, medications should produce pain relief. But, due to the complex nature of persistent pain, medications alone, spine surgery alone, or for that matter any other treatment on its own, often is insufficient to provide complete or maximum pain relief.

At Atlas Pain Care, we specialize in treating chronic pain in a multidisciplinary context, wherein use of pain medications is only a part. Our goal is to achieve the greatest pain relief with the fewest medications possible, at the lowest doses necessary, without causing side effects.

The agony of the pain condition varies from person to person. The management plans are tailored to your specific needs and conditions, where you might be prescribed a single pain relief tablet or a combination of medicines. This all means that you can take control of your pain, rather than being a prisoner to symptoms.
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