Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Why occupational therapy?

As Occupational Therapists, we encourage the practical application, evaluation, and modification of skills of everyday living. We provide a holistic service, keeping in mind your social circumstances and your thoughts and emotional processes.

How can we help?

Our core skills are lifestyle management and activity analysis. In addition, we educate, facilitate and collaborate with you in managing your pain.

What could we do for managing pain?

• We assess how chronic pain impacts on your activities of daily living to help decide the best course of treatment for you.
• We provide a group educational session, which involves teaching new skills, facilitating group discussions and providing one-to-one input if you have specific needs.
• We provide you with ongoing support, with re-assessment of performance and regular follow-ups.

What techniques do we use in managing your pain?

  • Body mechanics – learning to move your body in ways that do not increase pain
  • Joint protection
  • Conserving energy – by adapting your daily activities
  • Exercise – shoulder exercise, back exercise, neck exercise etc., to reduce your pain by increasing strength
  • De-sensitisation
  • Developing a focus on your abilities than limitations by using adaptive equipment and assistive devices
  • Relaxation techniques

What other services do we offer?

  • Orthoses
  • Mobility training, including selection of wheel chair if you need one
  • Adaptations to overcome disability
  • Biofeedback
  • Physical modalities – Electrotherapy, etc
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