Why physiotherapy?

We could help by making you move easily when you are in pain. There are two important aspects to our treatment – goal setting and pacing. Your recovery crucially depends on your physical and mental strengths. We identify those strengths and work alongside you. We take care of the complete YOU and not just your body systems. We could, in addition, provide the right lifestyle advice to keep your pain away.

How can we help?

Our core skills include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and electro-physical treatments. With these approaches we could promote, maintain and restore your physical and psychological well being.

What could we do for managing your pain?

When you visit Atlas Pain Care, we complete a comprehensive assessment including a thorough physical examination. This will help decide on the right course of your treatment. The various modalities available are listed below. In addition, we offer follow-up appointments, which is our commitment towards your long-term care, and provide advice on what to do when you have bad pain days.

What physiotherapy techniques do we use in managing your pain?

We use a range of modalities for managing your pain, but what is most important, however, is providing you with pain-related information to help you manage your pain. The electrotherapies we provide include short wave diathermy, ultrasound therapy, interferential therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), infrared radiation therapy, ultra violet radiation therapy and LASER therapy. Our physical therapies include wax therapy, moist heat therapy and Cryotherapy. That is not all; we provide a strengthening exercise program that could be manual or mechanical.

What other services do we offer?

  • Rehabilitation – neurology and musculoskeletal
  • Sports injury management
  • Home visits
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