We Relieve Suffering, foster Functional restoration and restore wellness
We impart excellent clinical service, thus providing our patients with a much-needed independence and comfort, and a restored quality of life


Greatest pain relief with the fewest medications

Think about this. People around the world take some 100 billion aspirin tablets every year. If you put them all in a line, it would be a million kilometres long. That’s to the moon and back.

Interventional Pain Medicine

It is the subspecialty of medicine that deals with treating pain using precision-guided injection techniques to deliver pain-relieving medicine to specific areas of your body. The doctors who perform these procedures are trained for one or more years in pain medicine and are board certified. The injections are typically done using X-ray, Ultrasound or CT scan control. 


We could help by making you move easily when you are in pain. There are two important aspects to our treatment – goal setting and pacing. Your recovery crucially depends on your physical and mental strengths. We identify those strengths and work alongside you. We take care of the complete YOU and not just your body systems. We could, in addition, provide the right lifestyle advice to keep your pain away.


Our purpose is not to prove that your pain is “all in the mind.” Rather, it is to help you build effective coping skills so that you can enjoy a good quality of life. We can help separate your anxiety from the pain, so you no longer have to go through the emotional ups and downs

Occupational Therapy

As Occupational Therapists, we encourage the practical application, evaluation, and modification of skills of everyday living. We provide a holistic service, keeping in mind your social circumstances and your thoughts and emotional processes.

Pearl Box

Pearl Box (Muthu Thiral in Tamil) – our inter-disciplinary pain management programme is the first of its kind in South Asia. Nobody knows your pains as well as you do, not even the finest doctors in the world, because pain is an incredibly personal experience. It is your personal expertise in pain that will be the basis for Pearl Box. It will help us design a plan to manage your pain, which will be as unique as you are.

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